Saturday, March 15, 2003

Gematrias are very interesting. Gematria Katan is a type of gematria. It means short gematria. For example the letter bet is two. The letter cuf is twenty and the letter reish is 200. In gematria katan you get rid of the zeros, so reish becomes two, and so does kuf. My favorite gematria katan is the Hebrew word Binyamin. Binyamin is compsed of six letters, bet, nun, yud, mem, yud, and nun. Lets take a close look at this. Bet is 2. Nun is 5 after you get rid of the zero. Yud is one, mem is four , yud is one, and nun is 5. Lets add these up. You have 2+5+1+4+1+5. That is a total of 18. The number 18 stands for life in Hebrew. CHAI!!!!! The gematria Katan of Binyamin is Chai.

My favorite food is Cohen's kosher egg rolls. They are very delicious and have only one gram of fat for 3 egg rolls. I use to buy them at Quality Kosher, but now I get them at Krogers using the five finger discount.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

I love to keep up with Memphis basketball.
new site! yeah!
This is my first osting on the internet.
This is my first posting. yeah!!!